"Manufacturing and filling a wide range of food sachets and wipes– Single Serve Portion Control."

E.L. Bell Packaging is an Australian owned contract manufacturer who has specialized in forming and filling sachets for over 40 years.

In addition to the traditional sachets E.L. Bell also pack Stick sachets, Wipes, Stand up Pouches, Display cartons and bags. We pack a variety of powders, granules, croutons, muesli’s and liquids ranging from 0.2 gm – 1.3 kg.

At E.L. Bell Packaging we have a strong commitment to providing high quality products, complying fully with GMP and HACCP. We build long term relationships through continual improvement and meeting our key performance indicators in Quality and IFOT.

Many of our sachets, pouches and towelette/wipes are currently used in promotional activities, product trials and product launches through retail store promo’s, food service, samples bags, mail drops and giveaways.

E.L. Bell Packaging is the exclusive licensee for the manufacture and distribution of Sweet n' Low throughout Australia & New Zealand. Sweet n Low is one of the worlds market-leading artificial sweeteners.